Letter From Scott Cohen!

Dear Wolf fans and Scott Cohen fans everywhere,

I was just recently made aware of all the web sites that have been created in response to 10th Kingdom, Wolf and myself. I have also just received all the beautiful and wonderful letters so many people have sent me.

Let me start by saying that I will try to respond to all of them. But as you know things have gotten quite busy and if I am not able to get pictures or responses out I apologize. Sincerely. I myself have written letters to actors that never answered back and I know how frustrating it could be. I don't even have time at the moment to call or write people that I have known all my life! It's gotten that crazy!

I cannot tell you all how much this has meant to me. As an actor, we dream of doing movies, TV or plays that have a real affect on people. We dream of being part of something that might change people's lives. The responses I have gotten about the 10th Kingdom have been just that. For example, to know that a daughter convinced her mother to watch the show with her and that the mother after having such a difficult year found a new strength and "joie de vivre" just from my performance. Incredible! And that now her daughter says that she has found the Wolf inside herself! Or a family that now does the Wolf Honor sign to each other as a way to remind themselves to live each day with passion and heart. Or even that the creation of Wolf has made people think about their lives in a way they have never before. A woman who saw her husband in a different light, seeing his conflicts and deep passions for the first time. These things and more are what it's all about. I am flattered and grateful for this outpouring of support, admiration and recognition. I am moved to tears actually at how my performance has moved so many others. The websites are magnificent. All the photos, artwork, chats, fiction and videos are really great. I honestly never thought I would create such a stir but I feel absolutely blessed that I have. Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

With Wolfish sincerity and a Wolfish grin,